Greek Deal “Categorically Not Viable” Without Debt Relief, IMF Insists

If there were any questions about where the IMF stands on Greece’s debt sustainability they were answered earlier this week when an updated version of the Fund’s Greek debt sustainability analysis was “leaked” to Reuters on Tuesday morning. The document, which was made available on the Fund’s website later that day, said the country’s debt “can now only be made sustainable through relief measures that go far beyond what Europe has been willing to consider so far.” Recommendations for ameliorating the situation include “maturity extensions with grace periods up to 30 years, explicit annual transfers to the Greek budget or deep upfront haircuts.” “The choice between the various options is for Greece and its European partners to decide,” the Fund concluded.

  • Blacksmith

    Yeah give the deadbeats some more money that will fix it, I am sure they learned their lesson and will go back to work and quit sucking on the govt tit now.

  • Reader