China confronts Islamist terrorism

Despite recent turmoil on the stock markets, the Chinese economy continues to grow at a breathtaking pace. Yet, its politics remain backward and oppressive. Now, it has to wake up to a threat the West is acutely aware of: the threat to it posed by militant Islam

The attention of the world has been focused on the Middle East and on the nuclear agreement with Iran that almost certainly will lead to that country becoming a nuclear power.

Less attention has been paid to the link between a Muslim ethnic group in China and Islamist terrorists, and even less to the need for American-Chinese collaboration in the fight against Islamist terrorism.

China has the world’s largest population and remains the fastest growing major economy. The Chinese economy has been slowing down over the last year, yet the growth has been estimated at 7 per cent during 2015.

  • Shebel

    Justin agrees with them.

  • Islamic theology is the PC-incorrect problem.

    You simply cannot have Islam, with core theology, teaching hatred of and encouraging violence of non-Muslims.

    Obviously, too many Muslims believe Islamic theological hate and are willing to act.

    Islamic reformation is the only answer. The task sounds daunting. But as the Chinese say, “the longest journey starts with a single step.”

    Get busy. Tell in like it is. Islam is a death cult. It’s core theology needs to be bombed with 100,000 cartoons. That will shake the mullahs up.

    Of course shutting down all mosques and arresting all the mullahs will help too.

    • Shebel

      A number of years ago -I was told that the Greatest threat to Islam was the Internet.
      ISIS is using it to spread the kind and loving Islam that we all know and love. GAG

      It is true. You got it!

      Hundreds of thousands of CARTOONS will defeat Islam . It probably really is as simple as that. Why the bombs?

      Betcha -for sure— that Cartoons become illegal before BOMBS.

  • Linda1000

    China is doing just fine in dealing with Islamic terrorism at home. They use bullets which works better than the “workplace violence” labels of the wise Ozero administration. If the violence continues to grow in the one Muslim western region of Xinjiang, you will see the 10 million Uighur population reduced considerably. I hardly find that backwards compared to how the Western powers are enabling the IS to rage nonstop in the ME.

  • simus1

    The nomadic Uighur ethnic minority of Xinjiang Region, China had pretty much been left on their own by common agreement of the Soviet and Nationalist Chinese governments in most of the first half of the 20th century. The Imperial Russian and Chinese governments in the centuries before that were likely even less officially interested in their comings and goings.

    All that changed with Communist Chinese rule. It could best be described as a mounting slow motion version of the abuse being suffered by the Tibetans who by then were also under Communist Chinese occupation. The eventual reaction by some of the Uighurs was to seek outside support to help them in the fight against their enemies.