The Worst Way to Defend Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Those with even limited knowledge of Iran’s history of diplomatic duplicity, not to mention its present financing and direction of a variety of insurgentand terroristic campaigns across the Middle East, are justifiably wary of the terms of the nuclear accord revealed this week. Critics of the deal contend that the lax inspections regime, dramatic sanctions relief, and the lifting of arms and ballistic missile embargos, among other gifts to Tehran, will only reward Iran’s destabilizing behavior and guarantee more of the same. It seems that the accord’s self-evident deficiencies have reduced its supporters to a defensive crouch. One of the most cutting examples of the defensiveness of the deal’s backers, however, should not be dismissed offhand. In at least one case, the left is inadvertently making the conservative case against this deal. 

  • mauser 98

    if Americans being held in jail by Iran were gay ,transgendered Obama would have sprung them before deal

    • But he negotiated from a position of strength by being weak!

  • simus1

    Simply invert Pam Geller’s slogan and you have the precise policy favoured by Emperor Barry’s crowd:
    In any muslim internecine struggles between the nominally civilized muslim man and the savage, support or at least minimally impede the savagest savages.

  • Clinton

    If this president deliberately set out to hand Iran everything it wanted,
    and had as his goal the further destabilization of the mideast, would
    he have negotiated an accord that was in any way different from what we
    see today?

    So even if he’s not an America-hating, amoral traitor, but instead just
    a naive, incompetent stooge for America-hating amoral traitors, the
    end result is the same.

  • John

    Obama negotiates with Iran about as well as Jimmy Carter did. I’ve a hunch the Iranians will utterly humiliate Obama before his term is up. Nothing like tweaking the leader of The great Satan.

    • Bingo.

      • John

        They’re going to kick his ass…just watch.