MI5 ‘blacked-up’ agents because of diversity problem in secret services

A former MI5 spy has broken cover to give the BBC an unprecedented account of his life in service – and describe his anger at the way he was treated.

The agent, codenamed Robert Acott, said he spied for 18 years, mostly following Islamic and Irish terrorist suspects.

He told Newsnight MI5 had pushed him out after he suffered symptoms of stress, later diagnosed as PTSD.

MI5 would not comment on the claims – but security sources said they felt his was only one side of the story.

h/t Suze

  • Helios Megistos

    “MI5 was completely unprepared for the Islamist terror threat and was so short-staffed during one major plot that it had to rely on British Transport Police to follow terrorist suspects.” All of the spies in MI5 and MI6 should go John Galt all at once until political correctness is mercilessly crushed; Ian Fleming would never have put up with any that rank stupidity!