Law Society Will Hear Ex Crazy Town Lawyer’s Complaint Against Ezra Levant For Exposing Ex Crazy Town Lawyer’s Crazy Town Antics

The Law Society of Alberta has issued citations against lawyer and media personality Ezra Levant relating to remarks he made about the province’s human rights commission.

CBC News has obtained a copy of the citations which allege Levant’s comments were “inappropriate and unbecoming” of a lawyer.

A conduct committee panel directed Levant be charged with “conduct deserving of sanction” after remarks made by Levant in regards to the Alberta Human Rights Commission Crazy Town.

  • Bert_1

    I don’t think that there will be much left of our society soon. It seems that every time I turn around another group who used to earn the respect of our entire society is wallowing in the mud with pigs. Have these people in the law societies in Canada have no pride? Have they no sense of justice? They block young people from becoming accredited because these young people DARE to live their religion and now they come to the defense of the greatest violator of human rights in Canada – the HRCs. They really are a laughing stock filled with childish people. Disgusting.

  • Maggat

    Obviously Ezra has hit a nerve, again. Keep it up Ezra, every time we get news such as this we know that you are hitting a nerve and this nerve needs hitting, hard.

    • Clausewitz

      Flak is the heaviest when you’re over the target.

  • T.C.

    That didn’t take long. Now that the National Socialists are in charge of Alberta the HR activists come crawling out from under their rock for some pay back. The current prov. govt. will do their best to make this stick – select and appoint the right lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc. This will be a show trial in the finest Maoist tradition. It will go on as the Albertta economy melts down – much like Nazi trials of plotters at Nurnberg during the collapse of the Third Reich at the close of WW II. Only an accidental hit from a B-17 bombing run will shut it down. We can only hope…

  • Everyone Else

    When did criticism become a crime?