Japanese law could send soldiers to fight abroad for first time in 70 years

Japan’s lower house of parliament has approved legislation that could see troops sent to fight abroad for the first time since the second world war, despite thousands of protesters overnight chanting and holding up placards reading “No War, No Killing”.

A lower house panel approval on Wednesday of the unpopular bills, which would drop a ban on collective self-defence or fighting to defend a friendly country like the United States, sparked a huge demonstration and more are planned.


Well they gotta do something with those million Hikikomori

As many as a million young people in Japan are thought to remain holed up in their homes – sometimes for decades at a time. Why?

  • Elephant in the Thread

    The Japanese are definitely needed by Asian countries and the US as a counter balance to the emerging Chinese military power in the area. Japan is incredibly innovative and I’m sure will have the first robotic army of Transformers that will give the Chinese a lot to think about when contemplating invasions of the smaller/weaker countries in the area. Have a ton of admiration for the Japanese people.

  • Clausewitz

    That flag is another soon to be politically incorrect icon. I play a WW II naval combat game called World of Warships. Just last week the big news was that they were banning the Use of the Imperial Naval “Rising Sun” flag from the game. The makers of this game are stupid Russians, not stupid Americans.