Christians arrested in Egypt for distributing dates to Muslims before Iftar

Three Christians were arrested in Alexandria on Monday under charged of “contempt of religion” and “proselytism” while one of them was distributing dates to Muslim passengers before Iftar.

One of the men named Stephen Botros Fayed posted the details on his Facebook account saying that on Monday 7 pm one of his friends phoned him because another friend 16 years old was arrested while distributing dates.

  • Surele Surele

    were they at least Israeli dates?

  • Gary

    I see how it works by this Master-Race for allah.
    Muslims in Canada expect to be accommodated for Halal food while non-muslims must obey sharai law as to not offend them along with respecting them during Ramadan by not eating around them .
    But…. when non-muslims are in islamic nations they must obey Sharia law and halal laws out of respect for the majority.

    No wonder the majority of the 6,000,000,000 hate these oppressors and do not believe that islam is a religion of peace , the majority of followers cause trouble in EVERY non-muslims nation they invade as ” Refugees” from islam but then riot and resort to terrorism while demanding sharia law for them until they are powerful enough and demand an islamic state .