Brazil owned coffee shop chain offers buyout to 15 per cent of total Canadian workforce – not including TFW’s

I’ve never forgiven them for the TFW scam.

  • SDMatt

    That’s the beauty of the (permanent) Temporary Foreign Worker program and our completely open immigration system: I can never tell if that nice Hindu lady with the broken English is a TFW or someone who came here honestly.

    • Yup I figure if they are in a fast food chain it’s likely the latter.

  • Petey

    Screw Tim Horton’s – I’m done with them (and I used to be a regular).

    • I won’t buy from them, just another bunch of carpet bagging foreigners.

      • Exile1981

        We banned tim hortons donuts at the office and no one has complained. It’s been 5-6 weeks since they caved into pressure from environmentalists and I haven’t bought anything since.

    • canminuteman

      Me too, sort of. I haven’t been to a Tim’s since Levant’s boycott. That being said, the coffee at the work cafeteria is Tim’s, and I’m just too lazy to make my own to take to work.

  • The Butterfly

    I haven’t been there since Ezra’s interview with that loser CEO. Even before then I was sick and tired of nobody understanding my order. Too bad it’s the only game in town in some places.

    • I said no more after they were found to have incorporated the TFW scam into their business model.

      • The Butterfly

        They sold out our kids.

  • simus1

    It may be a “Brazilian owned” burger and coffee chain but somebody with initials “WB” holds a high rate of int note on its overall financing.