Via Rail terrorist Chiheb Esseghaier fit to be tried

There’s crazy. And then there’s legally crazy.

To the average person, berating a jury with passages from the Qur’an while on trial for an alleged Islamic terrorist plot would be pretty crazy. But it wasn’t until after Chiheb Esseghaier’s May conviction for multiple terrorism charges in a plot to derail a Via passenger train that the lawyer appointed to assist Esseghaier — despite his repeated refusals to seek any professional legal advice — raised the issue of Esseghaier’s mental state.

  • moraywatson

    Good article, but with two glaring deficiencies. One, there are no “perverted strains” of islam. Islam is existentially perverse. And two, Chubby is not a “religious fanatic”, he is a political fanatic.

  • Frances

    The author is a defense lawyer – is he looking for an appeal?

  • John

    Regarding Muslim mental health, I remember an article in the Toronto Star that appeared back about 1992 concerning the problemes of integrating Muslim children into schools…back before the bullshit term islamophobia was coined. A Tornoto area schoolboard had hired mental health professionals to do assessments of Muslim children, and they found that many had mental health issues. One way of testing a child’s self image and overall mental health is by having them draw a picture of themselves. Children who’ve been abused or who’ve been mistreated often draw fractured and distored images of themselves. The article stated that many of the Muslim students, particularly the girls, were unable to draw a complete self-portrait. This exercise, by the way, is part of a battery of tests sometimes administered to suspected psychopaths to determine their degree of mental ilness. I think that many Muslim children would be classed as mentally ill were they ever to undergo a stingent psychological assessment.
    I have absolutely no doubt that Chiheb is mentally deranged…it comes with the islamic territory.