The Crash Is Near – Communities Forced To Accept “Unaccompanied Children”

This morning, Mikael Ribbenvik from Swedish Migration Board, who was behind the decision to give Syrians automatic residence permits in Sweden, was a guest at SVT (Swedish Television) to discuss the urgent situation with the explosive amount of “unaccompanied children”. Due to the steady flow – and increasing – of “unaccompanied”, in parallel with the general flow of immigrants, the costs to the Swedish taxpayer where billions and billions, goes anywhere but to them.

To resolve this this situation, the municipality is forced to accept the alleged children. Yesterday the immigration office notified that municipalities will be forced to accept more immigrants, than what they’ve agreed on since before, to now take in more. According to Ribbenvik, it now requires serious cooperation.

Swedish Immigration Office, State Provincial Offices and municipalities must cooperate in this matter. We have a deal on how the distribution is supposed to look like. The importance of this issue and with help of municipalities, we can come to a conclusion. We will in the near future sit down and discuss the question, and see how the distribution and agreements will look like.

Before, municipalities were forced with laws to accept asylum-seekers, and since then now include “unaccompanied”. And according to Ribbenvik, in situations like these – a little bit hardship for now, but great winnings for the future (winnings? Is this guy on crack?) When you meet these children you notice they have a great spirit and momentum, because they’ve made it across the whole planet. And there are enormous resources here, but at the same time means great challenges for municipalities in the short run. (Put the pipe down!)

Göteborgs-Posten (Gothenburg Post) chose to illustrate the article’s “unaccompanied” with a picture of toys – a rather awkward attempt to keep the illusion.


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