Quebec judge rules against latest Muslim lawfare jihad

Quebec judge rules that once parents have accepted that photos of their young veiled daughters be displayed on the web, they are in the public domain and they may be reproduced by a newspaper

  • Yep.

    I’m sure there will corrective killing later on.

  • John

    I went to a book signing by Djemilla Benhabib at a book store on Masson street a few years back and there were more armed guards than patrons. Djemilla, who is half Greek by the way, is hated not only by Muslims but also by many Quebecois leftards. They really gave her a rough time back in 2010-2012

  • moraywatson

    Only muslims can share muslim stuff. The kafir may not share muslim stuff. That is the sharia law that mohammedans wish to see imposed.

  • Guy7500

    Very good!