Norwegian jihadi fighter jailed for eight years

A 24-year-old Norwegian man accused of fighting for Islamist groups in Syria was given an eight-year jail term on Monday on charges of abetting a terrorist organisation, local media reported.

Swedish Isis fighter killed in Iraq raid

A man from Sweden understood to have had a key role within Isis (also known as the Islamic State) has been killed in Iraq, according to reports in the Swedish media.

Switzerland: Immigrant recruits may not be loyal: Army chief

Defence Minister Ueli Maurer has provoked a backlash after questioning the loyalty to Switzerland of army recruits whose parents are immigrants.

Addressing a gathering of delegates of his right-wing Swiss People’s Party, Maurer raised the issue of second-generation Swiss serving in the armed forces, Swiss media reported.

Maurer said that if Switzerland had to intervene in a crisis situation this could be problematic for second-generation Swiss.

In recorded remarks, the defence minister said the civilian population was not as unified as when the country was first formed.

“We have a number of ethnic groups with close relations to their countries of origin that could be influenced by them,” Maurer said, in comments reported by the Tages-Anzeiger.