ISIS child executioner ignores prisoners’ pleas to spare them…

Harrowing new footage has emerged of a young boy executing prisoners on the banks of the Tigris River, amid one of the biggest massacres ever committed by Islamic State fanatics.

Filmed during the ISIS killing spree in Tikrit last year, the young boy is seen shooting at least two men in the head after adults have dragged the prisoners before him.

Ignoring prisoners’ pleas for mercy, the child grasps a pistol with both hands as he pulls the trigger. The men’s limp bodies are then cast into the water, which soon flows red with blood.

  • occupant 9

    Omar Kadr would be welcome back there. I bet he’s jealous of the missed opportunities of timing … all he got to do was make explosive devices to murder and maim soldiers … from nations allied with that of his apparent Canadian “homeland.”

    Islam is such fun. Except for non-Muslims. Oh, and Muslims too. In fact, there is so much fun in Islam that fun is not allowed.

  • Gary

    Allah is so proud of his little boy that obeys the quran and slaughter people for the Ramadan touch.

  • Brett_McS

    “The Killing Fields II” now in production.

  • vimy

    Omar Kadr is a poser compared to this kid

  • This kid is ruined for life.

    • Canadian

      Does that mean that Canada will accept him as a refugee?

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