ISIS Announces Death of ‘Chief’ Singer-Songwriter of Jihadi Anthems

Islamic State supporters on Twitter have confirmed that an airstrike on Syria has killed Maher Meshaal, a Saudi national who rose up the ISIS ranks to become the chief singer-songwriter of the terrorist group.

  • chayisun

    Wait just a darned minute! I thought the followers of this brand of islam hated music and it was forbidden to be heard, let alone played. I think this idiot was killed by isis because they heard him singing a love song to his favourite goat. You know, to get the goat in the mood…..

    • luna


      Muhammad hated music and poetry. Which, by the way, directly contradicts any notion that “truth” of the Quran can be based on it’s poetic “beauty”.

  • Xavier

    I know this guy in London who can fill in…

    ♫I’m being followed by a cruise missile, cruise missile, cruise missile♫

    • DVult

      (Camel)piss train.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And here is a love song he wrote for the group.

  • mobuyus


  • Rick

    No question his songs were
    ‘#1 with a bullet’

  • ntt1

    they still have Cat Stevens

  • Neil Young could be a great replacement.