Industry Canada report paints gloomy picture of manufacturing

The government has also been touting its investments in the auto sector, which the Industry Canada report notes is a “key driver” of growth post-recession, alongside the aerospace industry.

But there has been a net loss of 212,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario and 97,000 in Quebec since 2004, the document says.


We drove by GM in Oshawa a couple of weekends ago, past this very site. The rumour is that Toyota is coming in to replace GM, it’s the sort of rumour borne of desperation I suspect.

With Chrysler’s recent warning to Great Liar Kim Dong Wynne you can expect more closures within the auto-sector and manufacturing in general as her Liberal party continues to impoverish Ontario.  But  aren’t those Pan-Scam games just swell? And the Public Service Unions? Well they’ll be paid thank goodness, Wynne will see to that, even while you and your children become economic migrants.

2016 may be GM’s last in Oshawa.

GM Oshawa

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You would think that we could all just host our own PanAm Games and live off of that.

    I remember, not too long ago, when asking why many American automotive manufactures were moving from Detroit to somewhere in Canada, I was told that due to the FREE healthcare, and the corruption of the UAW Union, that the cost of manufacturing was actually cheaper in Canada.
    I said to myself humming… that sure sounds counterintuitive.

    It now seems the third-world workers paradise of Mexico does not have such issues to worry about like health and safety, retirement benefits, or even basic heath care.

    I tell you, Ann Courtier is right when she said that most Westren companies are like sharks in the sense they are “all appetite and no brains”.
    After all of the jobs have been exported, who will buy these new vehicles, iPhones, and trinkets?
    Maybe they hope to sell enough in Mexico?

    • Si.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I can’t wait until we are all the gardeners and pool cleaners for the first “El Guapo” that will pay us enough to eat.

        • Pinatas!

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            A plethora!

            I think that movie actually saved that word (plethora) from obsolescence.
            There is just a dearth of good descriptive words in use with most people today. When that movie came out all my friends had no idea that word existed, and I was the only one in the theatre laughing when El Guapo said plethora for the first time.
            “You knew that word, how did you know that word?”
            It was as if I predicted all of the answers to next week’s Jeopardy questions.

          • I like Plethoras.

    • mauser 98

      NAFTA/GATT rules never enforced. Mexican workers robbed, raped , murdered on daily basis. environmental laws ignored
      plants powered by coal

  • Hard Little Machine

    Socialist governments main economic products are breadlines and diversity.

    • Ontario is one such cornucopia.

      • WalterBannon

        you spelled shithole wrong…

  • David Murrell

    Economist Murrell here. We teach students that, if the Canadian dollar takes a dive — which it is doing now — Ontario manufacturing exports should rise. But that is not happening in Wynne’s Ontario. Goes to show one that there is something terrible going on to discourage potential manufacturers from doing business in Ontario.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The down-side to your currency tanking is that your currency is tanking for usually some fundamentally sound reason that is rarely a “good thing”.
      It’s like cheering on ‘high blood pressure’.

      • David Murrell

        Don’t want to get into a huge argument here, but the reason why the Can$ is tanking has to do with declining world commodity prices, especially energy prices. None of that has anything to do with Harper’s government, albeit the left-wing opposition and corporate media will claim that it’s Harper’s fault.

        Domestic currency also moves up with responsible fiscal policies by the federal government. If anything, Canada’ federal books are in better shape than Obama’s federal government. But the U.S. fed is expected to raise interest rates, and the Bank of Canada might lower rates. This latter set of events could decrease the $Can all the more. Cheers.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Not looking to get into a fight either, and I’ll admit I know noting why the Canadain currency is moving in the direction that it is now, but you will agree that it’s usually not good.
          I would hope your books are better than ours!

          • David Murrell

            And bad news today (Wednesday July 14). The dollar is down another 1.3 cents!! Wow. The CBC, the Star and the Globe and Mail will have a field day bashing Harper. I think today’s tank has to do with the fact that the Bank of Canada will reduce its bank rate by 1/4 percentage point, to 1/2 percent — just out now in the media.

          • canminuteman

            Yeah, and the same people who will bash Harper for the low dollar are the same people who were saying that we needed to lower our dollar for our manufacturing to be competitive.

        • John

          but the reason why the Can$ is tanking has to do with declining world commodity prices, especially energy prices.

          Yeah and now that Obama has released Iran from the doghouse, the additional oil on world markets is going to just pummel Alberta’s economy which will, of course, make things even worse for our dollar.

          I guess my shopping trips down to Plattsburg N.Y. are numbered because I’ll soon be to poor to buy anything.

    • Part of the issue is that lower skilled manufacturing jobs have been outsourced, and remaining jobs are being displaced by automation.

      Then of course the low dollar that traditionally served as a subsidy for Canadian firms has come back to bite manufacturers who never bothered to improve productivity in any way and now find themselves frozen out by a perfect storm of market and government forces.

  • mauser 98

    GM, Toyota both heading south
    Premier Strapon global warming BS hallucinations

    Machinists file for union vote at Toyota Canada

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne should be in prison, not in public office.

    • Canadian Born

      She should be in a mental institution for the rest of her life or yea I would take prison either one as long as she is put away for life.