Gypsy Camp Behind The Police Station

Behind the police station in Norrköping, a few gypsies have made a tent-camp in a small clump of trees. According to Anders Selevik at the police in Norrköping, a few persons are making camp there. They have been there for about 3-4 weeks. It is very dirty and they seem to use the small clump of trees as their toilet. It does not look good at all because of the sanitary hazard, says Anders Selevik.

The police have been there and did talk to the persons who live there, to “talk” with them about how they cannot be there. But the problem, according to Anders Selevik, is the reason several different people (what?) are occupying the spot. Purely speaking in the name of policing – they can’t do anything about it at the moment, they say. We haven’t had the time; this is not a high-priority case, says the station officer Gittan Gustafsson, at the police station in Norrköping.


“Dialogue Police” is an often used expression for the police in Sweden. It seems to work… NOT!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It seems Sweden could use a few police shootings every year just to remind everyone that they are still the police.

  • Exile1981

    The RCMP are not much better.

    Our local bank in 2005 or so had a guy come in and demand the money when the teller said no he told her he was going to his car to get a machete. when he left the tellers locked the door and called the cops. The RCMP station is a block from the bank and you can see the bank from the station. The corporal got into his car and drove to across the street from the bank and sat in said car for 20 minutes till the idiot with the machete stopped beating on the door trying to get in. After he drove off the corporal drove the last 30 feet – and smashing into the flower bed in front of the bank. He claimed that he had just gotten there and it was too much work to chase the guy driving down the street in his car.

    After enough people complained… and laughed at the video of him across the street in his cruiser the RCMP re-assigned him somewhere else.

  • k1992

    “Dialogue Police” – that’s cute. So I guess Swedish police now learn debating techniques, and proper speech etiquette, instead of doing any physical training or (heaven forbid!) training with firearms.

  • Minicapt

    Pepper/bear spray the bushes, for hygienic reasons. Or as a fertilizer balancing requirement.


  • The prudent Swedish way would be to move the police into the tents and give the station building to the gypsies.