Expert Advises Ontario To Adopt Further Economy Destroying Measures

Raise gas tax and add road tolls, expert tells Ontario

Ontario should immediately and substantially raise the gas tax and begin creating more road tolls to pay for transportation infrastructure.

The recommendation from a Trent University road pricing expert is being released Wednesday, just as the Pan Am Games are sparking fresh controversy about regional road congestion.

A report by professor emeritus Harry Kitchen, for the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO), argues that Queen’s Park should hike the gas tax this year from 14.7 cents to 23 cents a litre.


Wynne is rapturing jobs from Ontario.


  • jayme

    Why not increase it to $1 and while were at it lets increase hst to 30%.

  • mauser 98

    HOV lanes, Pan Scam traffic congestion , Climate Change BS convention, now this report from a “road pricing expert”
    …great timing for Premier Strapon

    …this chowderhead Kitchen has never held a real job
    “He has been with Trent University since 1968 and retired 6 years ago”

  • “Raise gas tax and add road tolls, expert tells Ontario.”

    Anyone who works for government in any way will always lobby for greater taxes.

    Nothing new here.

  • Censored_EG

    Re: the HOV lanes on the QEW/Gardiner and large sections of Lake Shore Boulevard (in Toronto), I immediately said this is a move towards permanent toll roads. The results of reducing six lanes to four – a 30% capacity reduction – is disastrous and driving and commuting is more congested than ever. Yesterday at 11:30am as I was driving westbound to Oakville from Toronto on the QEW it was bad enough, but it was literally gridlock from Oakville for those on the other side of the highway heading eastbound to Toronto.

    All road tolls would do if implemented, frankly, is kill the economy of Toronto and the GTA and encourage tax collection in the form of tickets given to people driving on this “sacred” lane.

  • Surele Surele

    they should just stop paying us salaries, and give us weekly allowances to cover bread and water cost. o yes, that would be only fair: true equality. They themselves would be exempt of course. Let’s vote!

  • David Murrell

    When I was a student at Queen’s in the early 1980s, slaving away at a public finance dissertation, I had to read a lot of Harry Kitchen’s research. He was getting old then, so he must be an old geezer by now. An internet search states that he is a “professor emeritus” at Trent University, but the old coot still has the energy to do contract research. He was (is?) a big wheel at the Canadian Tax Foundation (NOT the center-right Canadian Taxpayers Federation), where the former group is establishmentarian to the extreme (meaning higher taxes for we working folk). Lots of dollars to be had, advocating for higher taxes.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    What amazes me is why people can’t equate mass immigration with lowered quality of living. Why do we need so much new infrastructure? because we have a 100,000+ people coming into the province. Not only does it supress wages but, in this circumstance, it increases taxes which in turn lowers the quality of life for the average citizen. If immigration is this magical spell that corps and lefties believe invigorates the economy then Ontario should be the greatest economic engine in the world as we have one of the highest immigrant intakes per capita. However, this isn’t the case, we are falling fast. All Wynne wants to do is make sure the road to hell is paved so we have smooth ride getting there.

    • Mass immigration as a means of economic stimulus is the last wars tactics.

  • Peter Burns

    Another academia nut. And just how is the economy suppose to thrive ? Oh I know paid for by over paid *&^% like himself who contribute nothing to the economy, as their salary is wholly paid for by the taxpayers. This guy has never held a real job in his life

    I have a better idea. Cut the salaries and force universities to follow very tight tuition costs. BA 2,700 per year for example. Then dump most of the over priced help.

  • Canadian Born

    What I want to know is, who is paying for the TV add that has Miss Airhead running down a street in Ontario saying she is making Ontario great now and for the future? She is making a lot of people sick so how does that do anything for the people of Ontario? Personally I think she should she should admit herself to a mental hospital for a physic evaluation but we all know people with mental issues would never do that.

    • Clausewitz

      She’s in training for when the peons finally wake up and “Run” her skanky ass right out of the province.