Danish People’s Party Wants Video To Tell Refugees To Stay Away

Drawing inspiration from Australia, the Danish People’s Party wants to launch a video campaign telling asylum seekers that Denmark is not the place for them.

“If you want to seek happiness in Europe, Denmark is not the right place.”

That’s the message that the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DF) wants to send loud and clear to asylum seekers.

DF spokesman Martin Henriksen is calling on Denmark to replicate Australia by releasing a video in English and Arabic that will discourage asylum seekers from making their way to Danish shores.

  • This Is Facts

    Lets put down the facts as they are right now:

    Right across Europe – From Ireland to Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece foreign Invaders from the lands of the Saracens invade and colonize. They cut out large swaths of the indigenous peoples land and make life there so impossible for them they flee, therefore allowing the Saracen hordes to successful take over the region of land they have invaded.

    All Saracens are invaders – regardless of Age, Race or Gender. They are invading colonizers and they have come to our lands, our homelands, to ra pe, pillage, mur der and conquer.

    An 8 year old Saracen today is a 16 year old rapist tomorrow.

    Now – for another couple of facts: All across Europe where these disgusting invaders have infiltrated, our sisters are raped, our brothers are beaten and both our brothers and sisters are murdered. Doesn’t matter of it’s England, or Sweden, or Germany, or Austria, or France – our sisters are raped and our brothers are beaten and murdered. This is facts.

    Last by certainly not least: By and large, the vast majority of the European people are disarmed. They have no firearms to protect themselves, and they have no chance of having access to them. The majority of the gun smuggling operations in Europe are now in the hands of the Saracens. Even the Eastern European smuggling operations have a very high percentage of Chechens (Saracens) running things.

    As such, Saracens have easier (much) access to firearms. Which is why you read everyday about another Saracen shooting something up in Europe somewhere.

    These are the facts on the ground.

    This situation will not only continue, it will worsen. As the Saracen population rapidly increases, so too will the land they control. Their influence will also expand at a rapid rate. More European women will become victims of rape, more European men victims of murder or assault. Europeans will continue to live in fear, oppression and uncertainty.

    The only way to stop it is violent in nature and persistent in its furious march. The expulsion of all Saracens from all European land – by any and all means necessary.

    If we look at the two groups today in a VS comparison – Saracens Vs Europeans – the Europeans lose by a massive margin. Europeans are today defined by their most noticeable traits – Cowardice, Weakness, Meekness, Apathy, Treachery, Scared.

    A weak, scared and cowardly populace will never be able to blunt an invasion, or defend its people.

    As such, Europe is already long dead. Incapable of rallying its children to her defense, the ra pes will continue, the mur ders will continue, the invasion and colonization will continue until the Europeans are simply no more.

    • Millie_Woods

      Europe’s problem is the left. Dealing with a troublesome minority is childs play compared to ridding themselves of the filthy socialist scourge.

  • G

    The Australians have finally woken up.
    They’re probably almost overrun by chinese, and other southeast asian shithole refugees.
    It would be relatively easy to be an Australian immigration enforcement peace officer.
    Just drive up to a Filipino or chinese restaurant with a prison bus and yell “OK, everybody on board! Boat leaves in 20 minutes and you’re all on it!”

    Meanwhile gutless, ball-less cana-duh screams “racism” if anybody does anything less than grovel at immigrant’s feet.

    • Brett_McS

      The Chinese in Australia date back to the 19th century gold rush days. I work with a fellow whose surname is Andrew and who is 6’4″, with a very pale complexion. I assumed, from his name and appearance, that he had Scottish origins. No, his great grandfather was from China, named An’Chu – he changed it to Andrew just to fit in.

  • Joanne

    The video is not telling potential immigrants that they’ll find no home in Australia, it’s saying that this is the case ONLY if they try to enter the country illegally, with the aid of traffickers. That’s a very different message from what’s implied in this posting.