Watch: Jeremy Corbyn’s cantankerous interview on his ‘friends’ in Hamas

Jeremy Corbyn is finally receiving the scrutiny he deserves. On Channel 4 News this evening, the hard-left Labour leader hopeful was quizzed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on comments about engaging with ‘friends’ in Hamas and Hezbollah over the Middle East conflict. Corbyn refused to apologise for using the word ‘friends’ and snapped several times at Guru-Murthy for not letting him finish a long-winded answer…

  • Minicapt

    Galloway? … Corbyn? Bit of a toss-up, but basically an embarrassment of intellectual paucity.


    • Freda J. Goodwin
      • AlanUK

        Dear Mr BCF
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    • ntt1

      One major difference is that while George Galloway’s eyes resemble partially poached eggs Corbyn is still capable of focusing even if misdirected.
      it is unfortunate he has chosen a Greek fisherman’s cap, here in Canada it is the badge of a totally brain dead leftist.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Is there a death’s head medallion on his hat?