Scandinavia’s new religion: Multiculturalism and the rampant rape culture it has produced

During recent travel to Scandinavia after a six year absence, the take-away now is even more pronounced: Christianity is a diminishing reality and the new faith that has arisen is multiculturalism. It may be more evident in Sweden than in Norway or Finland, but nevertheless, it is found everywhere. As you watch the morning commuter trains unload, four — if not five — out of every ten non-tourist passengers appear to be non-native. A significant number of the city’s bus drivers in Oslo are Africans. Many of the uniformed personnel in Sweden and Norway appear to be of Middle Eastern origin.

  • Millie_Woods

    Let the Sweedies and Weegies do what they want. Saving ourselves is what matters.

  • BillyHW

    How is the world better off by letting Sweden turn into Africa or the Middle East? Where is the diversity in that?

  • Brett_McS

    In the Anglosphere countries if someone is in your seat when you board a plane (or a train with booked seating) you show them your ticket and ask to see theirs and sort out the problem (plane seating is not very clearly marked). However, in mainland Europe (Scandinavia, Germany etc) the person with the seat occupied by someone else will not talk to that person, but will wait for the attendant to come along and talk to them and get them to fix the problem.

    A small, but telling, cultural difference.

  • TerryTCheatham

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  • Justin St.Denis

    Sweden is over, done. Don’t waste a minute of your time worrying about Sweden anymore. The Swedes have voluntarily declared a genocide on all things Swedish, incl. people.

  • tom_billesley

    So globull warming is responsible for Sweden’s riots as well as Russia’s floods?

  • Kaye

    All those “generous” (understatement) welfare and housing benefits, etc., that the immigrants are receiving are being primarily financed by the remaining non-muslim population. This population is declining rapidly, relative to the muslim one. So who will pay the bills and do the work when the native Swedes are gone?