Man convicted of plotting to derail Via train removed from courtroom

TORONTO — A man convicted of plotting to derail a passenger train was removed from court Tuesday after he lay down in the prisoner dock to protest the “lies” of a psychiatrist who testified the man was schizophrenic.

Dr. Lisa Ramshaw also told a sentencing hearing that Chiheb Esseghaier’s delusional thoughts have developed over time, including his psychotic beliefs about the trial and his role in the court.

“He has indicated that he is not actually here as a criminal but as a visitor of the court to disseminate the information about the true ways of Islam.”

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Esseghaier might just be the only sane person in that courtroom.

    Because Esseghaier isn’t delusional, but, the psychiatrist is.

    • Brett_McS

      He is certainly achieving his aim of disseminating the true Islam to these knobs; not that they will learn anything.

  • ntt1

    he is a great spokesman for islam and he has the headshrinker pegged. whatever the outcome I would like to see the Psychiatrist do a few years just for inflicting damage on society. They might as well look at the entrails of a goat rather than give the psnykoil sales man any credability

  • G

    “You’re not present if you’re lying down and sleeping. That is not presence in Canadian law,” Code replied before having him removed.

    Uuuhhh …but somehoooowwww…. He *IS* present …..AFTER you have him removed????

    But judges aren’t completely fucked in the head or anything oh nooooooo.

    Betcha anything this judge will … “Harrumph, snort, bluster After careful, and full consideration (harrumph harrumph ) find this man completely mentally incompetent and therefore non legally responsible for his actions”.

  • Canadian Born

    So is the psychiatrist delusional and a Muslim, that she believes what she is saying?

  • moraywatson

    But if Chubby is a schizoid for emulating mohammed, then that would infer that mohammed was a schizoid. That sounds like blasphemy, Heads are going to roll.

  • It’s probably because of drugs or global warming.

  • Petrilla

    Either deport these two Muslim would be murderers or jail them as dangerous offenders for life, not that Canadian taxpayers want to pay for these NON CANADIANS, but at least it would stop them making a joke of our Canadian court system. Not that it needs too much help.

  • pike bishop

    The judge in the picture looks very serious with his hand stoking his chin. I would bet on time served for the accused.

  • k

    DSM iv says you have to have these symptoms…
    1) delusions
    2) hallucinations
    3) disorganized speech
    4) grossly disorganized or catatonic behaviour
    5) negative symptoms (affective flattening, alogia, avolition)
    Esseghaier’s Lawyer is appealing to the overiding Left-wing racism
    = that no sane person would believe that the Koran means ‘to kill the infidel’
    I don’t call this symptom list scientific. Give me an x-ray then I will believe it
    Most of us can portray this easily
    I think the psychiatric eeeechemm proffession needs an overhaul
    They need some lessons in security as they are the sieve through which all terrorist get OFF!