I’m With The Elephants

Incredible moment rampaging elephants smash up a car and terrorise tourists at a beach in Denmark when a circus trainer beat one of the animals

  • tom_billesley

    Go Elephants!

    • David Murrell

      Ditto. Elephants hurrah!!

  • ntt1

    Those are African Elephants much meaner and harder to train then the smaller eared semi domesticated Indian Elephant. either way a couple of tons of angry beast is best avoided.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hey, elefunk, the little car was completely innocent!

    But I guess it’s like humans who throw objects in anger.

  • k1992

    The article said something about the male’s testosterone levels probably being elevated. Elevated or not, I’m not sure it’s ever a good idea to beat an animal that can toss a car around as if it was a paperweight. You know, if it’s a “carrot or stick” choice, you might want to choose the carrot (or whatever elephants like to eat).

    • The Car Maker may have a good marketing tool used correctly.

  • Xavier

    Ban zoos and circuses. If animals are sick or disabled either take care of them or put them down. It’s pretty obvious that many animals possess some sort of intelligence that is suited to their natural environment and they should be left there.

    • john s

      yeah, yeah. We can eat em alright but lets not put the magic wild animals in a cage.

      • jayme

        There’s a difference between caging an animal solely for the purpose of amusement, and eating an animal for sustenance.

      • Xavier

        Precisely, and well said. Except for that magic bit.

  • winterdog1

    Don’t piss off an Elephant