Bernard Lewis, the intellectual giant and the grasshoppers

Bernard Lewis is the greatest scholar of the Middle East and the Islamic and Arab past in the world. The shallow political correctness in the New York Times, which has lauded the pygmie Edward Said in scathing opposition to Lewis’s superior mind, is a sad statement of our times

It is a truth universally acknowledged, except by book reviewers in the New York Times, that Bernard Lewis is the most important and distinguished scholar on the history of the Middle East and of the Islamic and Arab past.

Therefore, it was startling that Jacob Heilbrunn in his review of the book Ally by Michael Oren (Sunday, July 12, 2015) when referring to the “legendary Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis,” under whom Oren studied at Princeton, repeated Edward Said’s scurrilous remark that Lewis was, “dripping with condescension and contempt toward the Arab world.”

In repeating this infamous comment, Jacob Heilbrunn reveals he writes more from a political perspective than from scholarly analysis. Even if Heilbrunn himself does not subscribe to this offensive statement, he has disgraced himself by quoting it.

  • MarthaMGreen