Life as a sex slave to ISIS

BBC – Newsnight – It’s rare to hear from people who’ve been held captive by Islamic State militants. When we do, the stories are harrowing. Sue Lloyd-Roberts has been speaking to three young Yazidi women who managed to escape.

  • Alain

    Don’t expect to find such things on the CBC, since they would be far too preoccupied with doing “exposés” of their beloved “child soldier” or how our military are committing war crimes.

  • If the point of interviewing these women is to generate a sense of pity and little else in people, then doing so is pointless. What one must take away from these unfortunate victims is that ISIS must be completely and utterly obliterated.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Good video, BBC.
    The meeting between the escaped (kuffar) women and the tightly-wrapped Muslimahs was some kind of awkward,

    On this side of the pond, PBS’s Frontline is airing an episode this week titled ‘Escaping ISIS’ also about escaped ISIS sex slaves.

    (In the GTA, it airs at 10:00 Tuesday night, and repeats Wednesday night at 11:30.)

    PBS and BBC are in business together, so that BBC clip is probably from the same documentary.