Cree healing lodge escape: “Are Canadian prison officials on crack?”

Over the weekend, two First Nations prisoners escaped (that is, walked away) from the Saskatchewan “Cree healing lodge” where they were serving their sentences — one for murder!

  • Alain

    A wee bit of understanding would ensure that one understands that “healing circles” in today’s context is non sense. Certainly in the far distant past in truly traditional native society they would have made sense. I say this because any failure would have been expelled and cast out on his own, which would have resulted in certain death. Trying to marry such a traditional approach in the 21st century where there is not a single truly traditional native alive is pure nonsense and stupidity. The traditional rule of law is once again cast aside and we reap the results with the biggest losers being the natives themselves.

    • Clausewitz

      Thousands of native women murdered, and there will never be any revenge for their deaths as long as this hokum remains in place.

  • So- another inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is what is needed?

    I’m shocked- shocked!- that such criminals weren’t rehabilitated by this figment of a liberal white judge’s imagination.

  • Clear Thinker

    Old news here folks. About 20 years ago on an Ontario reserve, some public emergency workers had to transport a person to a local hospital. A relative asked to go along. For reasons that cannot be discussed, police had to attend the hospital for these workers. Upon arrival at the hospital, the police immediately spotted the family member as a thrice convicted sex offender, who by leaving the reserve, was in violation of parole. It turns out that the some nice feminist judge thought that sending the offender back to the reserve was curative for him, but had him living right beside the children he had attacked. Who speaks for the victims? I guess I do, the courts don’t.