Attacking Republican Trump Backers is Stupid and Counterproductive

Populism scores points. Especially with groups that feel neglected and left out. That’s why Donald Trump is doing so well.

Some in the Republican establishment are reacting by not just attacking Trump, but by attacking those conservatives who have become enthusiastic about him. This is a stupid and counterproductive approach because nothing convinces an anti-establishment group that they’re doing the right thing like being attacked by the establishment.

  • Brett_McS
    • Blacksmith

      I could deal with that.

  • Millie_Woods

    Today’s republican party is very similar to Canada’s Progressive Conservative party under Mulroney, Clark and Campbell. They were fighting for the liberal vote and alienating their core supporters, who saw what was happening and called ‘bullshit’. That ended with the rise of the reform party, the eviseration of the PC old guard and the emergence of the CPC. I don’t have much confidence in Trump but if conservatism is going to survive as a viable force in the US, the rupublican establishment has to go.

    • Spot on. The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario is in free fall as well. The best idea that Patrick Brown (the newly elected leader) could come up with was to march with the naked exhibitionists in Toronto gay parade 2015. When many members expressed disagreement, one of the party’s officials wrote that getting rid of the people who don’t like the new policies will make the party stronger for the elections of 2018. If the establishment thinks that they can win by catering to the fringe minority of 2% who won’t vote conservative even if the hell freezes over, they are delusional to say the least. The only result will be the alienating of their base.

  • kkruger71

    Trump is not going to be president, he is not even going to be the nominee, but what he is doing that is a huge service to America is shifting the conversation. He is using his celebrity to bring topics to the fore that people care about but the established politicians seem to have a gentlemens agreement not to bring up. Not that he is doing it in the same manner, his is much more brazen, but it is the same as when the Reform party first showed up as a force. They were not going to form the government but they forced the national conversation to shift to balanced budgets, something a lot of Canadians cared about but none of the established parties were even discussing as a possibility. In order to steal their thunder all the other parties starting making that a stated goal. Hopefully some of the rest of the Republican candidates take up the border crackdown banner to try and rally Trump supporters to their camp.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump has indeed performed a valuable service by raising at least one issue that resonates with the public. I hope he raises more such issues, and in his attention grabbing manner. Redirecting the conversation after eight years of the media sheltering Obama is a dire necessity.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The mainstream republicans’ stance on illegal immigration is no different, no different at all from Obamnesty.

    • Clausewitz

      The Rino’s main opponent this election are conservatives.