Why so shy in pushing Australianness to counter terrorism?

From even a quick inspection of the Australian government’s website Living Safe Together, with its “building community resilience to violent extremism” tagline, it’s clear the approach to countering homegrown Islamist violent extremism is largely reactive. It’s focused around the idea of “counter-narratives”.

Of course, it’s important that we debunk the warped dogma presented by the extremists, especially online: countering Islamist extremist ideology is a critical part of our counter-terrorism strategy

  • Minicapt

    Because, as in Canada, the senior civil servants and policy advisors are caring and compassionate intellectuals who abhore the rudely rural redneck clogging a Conservative government.


  • Seneca III

    “…the warped dogma presented by the extremists” ???
    No, the warped dogma presented by Islam in its gruesome entirety.
    Forget buying into the disingenuous drivel peddled by their and our Taquiyya and Kitman artists, Australia, and properly sort the buggers out whilst you are still around and in a position to do so!