Turkey Finds China Too Big To Bite

These days, it is quite dangerous for anyone with Far Eastern facial features to take a stroll on a Turkish street or to enjoy a plate of sushi. To angry Turks, every Far Easterner is a Chinese to attack. In protesting China’s alleged ill treatment of Muslim Uighur Turks, angry Turkish Turks attacked a Chinese restaurant in Istanbul’s Tophane district. Cihan Yavuz, the owner of the (no longer) “Happy China” restaurant, almost in tears, told reporters: “We are Turkish. Our cook is an Uighur Turk … We do not even sell alcohol here … It seems I will close down the restaurant and leave.”

  • simus1

    Some people trying to upstage erdog using aged “better muslim” ploy?
    That will take some doing.
    Notice they are smart enough to stay away from important Chinese officials who have their own unique ways of dealing with problematic muslim fanatics

  • Dana Garcia

    Funny, allah-bots think everyone else should embrace diversity regarding their expats to Europe etc.

  • Icebow

    Crap will out.

  • Martin B

    1) Never trust a Turk.
    2) If Turks hate it you know it’s right.