Toronto Star’s evidence of “right wing terror” epidemic is biased, dated — and a dangerous distraction

The RCMP have arrested a man in Fort St. John, BC on terror related charges. While the media reported the arrest, they continue to play down the threat of Islamic jihad motivated terror in Canada.

  • PhyllisTDowd

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  • UCSPanther

    What little organized “White supremicist, right wing” terror I have read of was generally small scale, ultimately quite pathetic and clumsy in its execution, and very rare. I have not heard of any active groups of that ideology in recent times.

    The media can bray about phantom “Radical right wing, white supremicist, radical Christian” terror groups all they want, but it will only cause them to lose further credibility. The main threat is Jihad ideology, since its adherents in recent years have been very active, and they are very ambitious when it comes to their attacks…

    • Alain

      As a side note black supremacists, latino supremacists and the biggest supremacist of all, Islam, never get a mention. It can only be evil and bad if it consists of whites.