The proof terror gang drove Tunisian gunman to massacre beach

CCTV footage shows killer arriving in van minutes before he shot 30 Brits – as it emerges his ‘lover’ is among those held and 62 others are still on run

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Stupid Britons staying put.
    I’m glad my family got out of Britain after each of the great wars.

    • Sorry

      Can’t run from what’s coming, Dance.

    • Maggat


  • Oh my God. You mean some other fool believes Muslims should kill non-Muslims?

  • vimy

    What happened to the story about him arriving via jet-ski motorboat. was that info wrong?

    • Doug Kursk

      Muslims are all liars so who really knows what happened!!

  • UCSPanther

    Again, they may do lone-wolf style attacks, but the conspiracy stage is seldom done alone…

    When attacks such as this are carried out in the name of an ideology, you can rest assured that there were accomplices helping the perp…