Suffering from blindness

Serious leaders like al-Sisi, Jimmy Carter and John Kerry foolishly think there is a connection between jihadist attack worldwide and the Palestinian problem. It used to be ‘look at the Jews for blame,’ now it’s ‘look at Israel for blame’.

Unlike the leaders of other Arab countries, Egypt’s president has no delusions with regards to Islam. Several months ago, al-Sisi chose to make a dramatic speech about Islam in the most important religious institute: Al-Azhar University.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Sisi’s dramatic speech to the gathering of those always-angry-about-something mullahs, was rewarded with only a very tepid applause from the bearded wonders.

  • AngelMCunningham


  • Israel is just an easy excuse for Muslims in the Middle East.

    What is the excuse for Thailand, the Philippines, China, Myanmar, and all of sub Saharan Africa?

    Islamic theology is the problem. Unless it is reformed – nothing will change.