Israel frees Islamic Jihad leader after 56-day hunger strike

Israel on Sunday released an Islamic Jihad leader, Khader Adnan, from jail following a deal last month in which he agreed to end a 56-day hunger strike, Islamic Jihad sources in the West Bank said.

Adnan’s strike had galvanised Palestinians behind a “battle of empty stomachs” against Israeli detentions without trial and both sides had feared the threat of his death could hurt a shaky Gaza truce or spur further violence.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Israel should take no prisoners.

    • Alain

      Now this has set a precedent, so Israel can look forward to more of the same. Also this jihadi will quickly return to his old task of killing as many Jews as possible.

  • Canadian

    I see he was greeted by his wife.

  • DVult

    He doesn’t look like he hasn’t eaten in 56 days.

  • Israel’s gov’t is far too weak. It is due to this weakness that the anti-Israeli forces word-wide have been encouraged and strengthened. No one respects weakness. Those who wish to survive must show iron will.