Iranian Media Outlines Nuclear Deal – And It’s Very Bad Indeed

Semi-official Fars news agency in Iran has published an outline of the expected nuclear agreement between Iran and Western powers.

The most notable aspect of the deal is that “all economic, financial and banking sanctions against Iran will be terminated for good on day one after the endorsement of the deal.”

  • JoKeR
  • Brett_McS

    Time for the Republicans to stand up and block this deal!

    Oh, who am I kidding.

    • No, Congress will do nothing. They were passive when Obama was brought into power despite his doubtful credentials, so they will be passive now. They have long ago given up their responsibility to the American nation.

      • Blacksmith

        Which is one of the biggest reasons we need another revolution, we need to remove the entrenched politicos and start over.

        • The trouble with such revolutions (I assume you mean violent) is that you can’t predict which thugs will end up on top.

          • Blacksmith

            I would prefer a grassroots political revolution where the current establishment was flushed and the constitution is again the law of the land. I am trying to prepare for the worst case scenario however, and you are right about the who comes out on top. I would bet on the non leftist in that case. I may be wrong and I may not survive it. If we could wake up the rest of the non leftist and the fence sitters we could do it.

          • Democracy is the only sure and lasting way. getting the people to care and react.

  • Minicapt

    Or the Iranians are attempting to pre-empt the actual agreement with a bit of creativity.


  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I got into a fight with my wife last month.
    She was making burgers and ran out of ketchup.
    And she asked me to go get some.
    I went to the dollar store and bought the two dollar brand x ketchup.
    She freaked.
    ‘It’s not Heinz, I can’t use that shit!’
    Big fight.
    I hate putting money in Kerry’s pocket.
    It was worth it to make the point.

  • Xavier

    The time for the Iranians to fully develop a nuclear bomb will now be less than two years. Coincidentally, that’s just after Obama leaves office. It’s almost as if they’ve planned this, isn’t it?

    Let’s play global thermonuclear war.

  • This is equivalent to total surrender to Iranian demands, with nothing asked for or obtained in exchange! Utter madness, except that one can well suspect that this was Obama the Abominable’s agenda all along, since his goal in life is obviously to destroy Israel, the US and the whole West (as I keep repeating, but it is worth repeating ad nauseum).

    The problem for Israel is now that it is damned if it does and damned if it don’t. If Israel doesn’t bomb Iran’s facilities forthwith, risking total war to be sure, its very existence is now open to doubt. And if Israel does bomb Iran, it will be accused by the media and politicians of being an aggressive war-mongering state, since the poor Iranians just showed their gentle peace-loving nature by signing an agreement. Catch 22.

    Bibi must bomb, but will he have the guts?

  • It is worth noting, in a minor way on the side, what motivates a fool like Kerry to serve a rogue like Obama. Probably, he just loves the limelight, wishes to be perceived as some tough negotiator and fine diplomat, etc. Just vainglory. For this he is willing to betray his own country and his own civilization, and give deadly weapons to the most evil regime on the planet today. Much like Hitler was given the go-ahead at Munich in 1938, and went ahead and got 50 million human beings killed.

    • DVult

      From what I understand Chamberlain was an honourable man who wanted to avoid a repetition of the horrors of WWI. Kerry seems to be guided by personal ambition and vanity. Appearance is everything with this fool and Imbecile. They are children playing at their roles with little understanding of their real responsibilities.