Forget French and Mandarin – Arabic is the language to learn, says the British Council


  • David Murrell

    Arabic is the language to learn, for someone to learn medicine and the sciences, definarely. The Arab world at at the forefront of advances in those aresa, for sure.

    • Observer

      All of the Nobel Prizes for the Sciences and Mathematics would all have been won by Arabs if us Kafirs hadn’t stolen their work every time!

  • AngelMCunningham


    • DMB

      What do you charge? Do you provide topless or nude services?

  • truthdareisay

    All the words I know in Arabic comes in so useful for me as I use them often on Islamist web sites.

  • All the worlds best research in “shit for brains religion” is in Arabic.

    Think of all the jobs that await.

  • tom_billesley

    Eurabian slaves need to learn the language of their owners.

    • Observer

      Its the duty of a Dhimmi.

  • Maggat