Who are the True Muslims?

He called out to me as I walked by the pool. “Hey, what’s going on? Do you want a beer?” I politely declined, telling him that I did not drink. “Really? I’ve never met an American who didn’t drink. I have a soda. Do you want a soda?” It was late, and I have never been a very social person, but with my wife and children in South America waiting on my wife’s green card, I had been spending my evenings alone. So I sat down and talked to him.

  • ntt1

    the solution is to quiz all muslim immigrants and record their answers as to apostasy, honour killings, shariah law and jihad . if they are in favour, then keep them out if they denounce them to gain entry then continue their extremism then deport them for lying on an immigration form just as they did with WW2 war criminals

    • occupant 9

      Muslims are carriers of Islam, therefore, any number of them pose a risk either now or down the generational line. These are the only immigrants who are more “radicalized” in the second and third generations, which is only explainable if we consider immigration as Muslims do; as a form of colonial jihad.

  • Dana Garcia

    Choppers represent the True Islam. They say so every day, and in addition the Koran has plenty of choppy verses about killing infidels.

    Why would I doubt them?

    Anyway, I already know way more about hostile islam than I ever wanted.

  • All Muslims are “true Muslims”.

    But Islam is controlled by a small percentage of the most devout Muslims who believe Islamic theological calls to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    Because even “peaceful Muslims” support the greater Islam, no Muslim can ever be trusted.

    Islamic theology is the problem. Without significant reformation of Islamic theological texts, Islamic violence will not stop.

  • David

    “and let them sort out any ideological contradictions on their own without making enemies of them by trying to sort out such contradictions for them.”

    and let them all do their “sorting out” in their middle east country of origin.

  • marty_p

    “The extremist Muslim wants to cut your head off. The moderate Muslim wants the extremist to cut your head off.”

    Just about says it all for me.

  • Blacksmith

    Good article, Incorrect conclusion in my opinion. I know there are moderate muslims out there that may not want to kill me, They are by far too quiet and I believe too few to make a difference. Until islam learns tolerance for those not of their flavor they will not be able to be part of a peaceful society. I get that he knows a muslim that is tolerant, and seems to understand unfortunately he seems to be the extreme minority.

  • Doug Kursk

    I think that if you write an article on Islam and still can’t decide wether Mohammed’s teachings were violent, you are either slow on the uptake, haven’t been paying attention to world events or are fooling yourself.

    All have dangerous ramafications and reek of a fever emit wish to see what is not there.

    Btw, hands up to any here that would accept a drink from a random Muslim in this day and age?