Mohamed Ibrahim Sail, charged in cellphone killing, turns himself in to police

At least the other guy had the decency to drown.

  • ontario john

    Gee, both killers named mohammed. This is my brother mohammed and this is my other brother mohammed.

  • African

    The blame is on the Canadian government which is importing tens of thousands of muslims who believe they can go to paradise by killing the “kuffar”.

    • I agree. Our government is insane to have perpetrated this.

  • Censored_EG

    Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program should add Muslims to this list before it’s too late. The insanity of the Canadian government at all levels is facilitating the importing of dangerous monstrous people.

    • Linda1000

      Yeah, I don’t know what happened to our AB “rat patrol” program. They used to be quite active along the Sask border but now maybe they should concentrate on Calgary airport to curb some of our new vibrant diversity.
      A couple of weeks ago we had a whole enviro poison team picking “wild daisies” on the side of a natural vegetation hill in Calgary (not a joke). Apparently these wild daisies are considered an invasive species but they have been growing in city backyards for decades.

      • ntt1

        entire villages in BC are terrified to garden due to the green peril of Japanese knot weed and swat like teams of toxic avengers stalk and kill the giant hog weed,there seems to be lots of cash for these programmes . we found out years ago that a large 10 cc syringe full of the correct mix of round up shot straight into the hollow stems base does the job for most any thing yet this is not done by the experts who still slash and burn.

  • Amanda

    i like me blazingcatfur See More Detail

  • mobuyus

    He should opt for the immersion program his buddy took.

  • Clear Thinker

    I can wait for his “the skinny white guy climbed on my car and in tadcrapistan, we get to shoot them” defense.