Islamism: Blaming the West

In June, Talha Asmal, a 17-year-old Muslim, became Britain’s youngest suicide bomber. In a vehicle packed with explosives, Asmal and three other jihadists attacked Iraqi forces at an oil refinery in the northern town of Baiji. Eleven people were killed.

A few days later, three sisters from the city of Bradford left with their nine children – the youngest only 3-years-old — for ISIS territory in Syria.

In the wake of these latest recruits to the jihadist cause, and a week before 30 British tourists were slaughtered on a Tunisian beach, Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech at a security conference in Slovakia. Before a distinguished audience of politicians, academics, military officials and security experts from around the world, Cameron described ISIS as “one of the biggest threats our world has faced.”

  • Islamic theology incites devout Muslims to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    It is that simple.

    There is way too much PC rhetoric trying to whitewash this simple fact.

    The idea that the West is somehow responsible for Islamic violence is absurd. What is the PC excuse for Muslim violence in Southern Thailand, the Philippines or elsewhere?

  • ntt1

    the British leader shows the odd sign of awakening intelligence yet still maintains that the millions of muslims already inside his country are no threat. What will it take for this idiot to finally wake up to reality?
    Canada is not far behind ,when you view the senate hearing on islam you realize we are lumbered with our own idiots too.