Great Liar Kim Dong Wynne Upset She’s Not Getting Federal Money To Waste

Wynne slams Tories over unilateral infrastructure funding decisions

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says the federal government’s unilateral approach to infrastructure funding is a “huge problem” and “unworkable,” and she plans to use next week’s premiers’ conference as a platform to push for a coherent strategy.

With a federal election just months away, this summer’s Council of the Federation meeting, held in St. John’s, comes at a strategic time, giving the provincial and territorial leaders an opportunity to frame their issues for the federal parties.


Wynne who reached her level of incompetence as an idiot school trustee couldn’t manage a lemonade stand.

  • Blacksmith

    “Wynne who reached her level of incompetence as an idiot school trustee couldn’t manage a lemonade stand.”
    HA! Reminds me of some politicians down here, I doubt they could even be an employee at a lemonade stand much less manage one. the west seriously needs to clean house in their governments.

    • Yup, term limits have to be enacted, lobbying ended outright, and the size of the bureaucracy slashed to only the minimum needed.

      • Blacksmith

        Yup, regularly flushing the toilet reduces the stink immensely. The lobbyists definitely need to go. A bureaucracy is the only true perpetual motion machine.
        BTW we have an Amanda spammer troll down thread.

        • k1992

          I love that analogy, and it’s appropriate.

    • Waffle

      Amazing how far the drive for power will take you, isn’t it?

      • Blacksmith

        I have to admit I don’t really get that thirst for power thing.

  • Amanda

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  • ontario john

    Former liberal premier and all around tax leech, Peterson already pushing for the Olympics. She can have a great time with that if she gets federal money.

    • Clausewitz

      I think I made that prediction a month ago that the 2 Billion + wasted on this Goat Rodeo would eventually lead to more Billions being wasted in the vain attempt to get the Olympics. Mind you the Provincial Liberals do seem to have a lock on the corruption part of the application.

  • Clink9

    There is never enough “free” money for these swine. How about taking away the creepy sex ed plan and advise Ontario students on how to start up and run a business.

  • David Murrell

    Notice that the posted Globe article is devoid of any quotes or description of polices from the Conservative federal government. And the Globe article was written by that pro-Liberal mouthpiece: Jane Taber.Which leads me to a true anecdote about Taber’s journalistic ethics (or lack thereof).

    I was involved in researching the AdScam scandal — and I did a public works Access to Information request. The request turned up fruitful info and e-mails, which I snai-mailed off to the National Post and the Globe and Mail. The pack of info earned two front page stories in both newspapers. But anyways, Daniel Leblanc — the lead reporter on AdScam — had a good filing system (whereas I did not), since about a year later, around 2003, then-Prime Minister appointed some Liberal flack as communications head..

    The perceptive Daniel Leblanc dug into his files (which I noticed were in my files) and wrote a piece — buried inside of the Globe pages — about that this Liberal flack was implicated in Adscam (the covering up part). Whenever Leblanc used the stuff I sent him, he would say that the info came to him via an “independent researcher”.
    At any rate, two days later, when this flack resigned, but the Globe had — you guessed it — Jane Taber to write the article about the flack resigning. And needless to say, the sleazeball journalist carefully omitted mentioning that the Liberal flack had any links to the AdScam cover-up — even though two days earlier Leblanc wrote a piece linking the flack to AdScam. And clearly his resignation had to do with AdScam, but Taber deftly censored that fact.

    Note that the corrupt Globe has appointed Taber as a lead reporter for the upcoming election. Figures.

  • mauser 98

    and how much squandered on Pan Scam games.?.. years if ever revieled

  • irishrus

    So she wants the feds to go in debt like Ontario and sees a federal election as a great opportunity to force them to come up with money they haven’t

    In other words. she hasn’t screwed the same Ontario tax payers who also pay federal taxes enough and now she can blame federal conservatives for putting Ontarians in double debt….

    Whose the bigger ass? Wynne, or those who voted for her?