Britain’s failed, politically correct counter-terror strategy

At the anti-terrorism Prevent Strategy’s heart lay the cosy conceit that what had motivated the 7/7 bombers was a heretical understanding of Islam rather than a puritanical one. Combined with ongoing multi-culturalism it is hard to see how we’re on the path to progress

The sombre scenes of remembrance which took place near Hyde Park on Tuesday, belie the fact that most sought to forget the aftermath of 7/7. In time, those three weeks in July only gave pause to those directly affected by the killings, and to policy makers.

When the War on Terror began in 2001, our fear was Muslims abroad bringing terrorism to the West. Now countries like the UK export much more in the way of home-grown fanatics worldwide.

Examining how politicians struggled with the implications of events in London in 2005, while remaining determined not to take the steps they pointed to as necessary, we can begin to understand why.

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