Back from Al Quds Day

All in all an uneventful day.   This years crowd of moderate Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel was way down from previous years totals.

I estimate 2000 at best compared to 6-8 thousand last year.

I am not sure how to account for the steep decline in numbers.

Maybe everyone was at the Pan-Am Games or maybe with Muslims massacring one another on an industrial scale in Iraq and Syria people have better things to do than chant like drunken banshees in the street.

Al Quds Day has always been a Shia thing but in prior marches there was Sunni support, that hasn’t been much in evidence these last two years.

The Sunni-Shia bloodletting has likely taken care of that.

This year was also the march of the women and children, they outnumbered the men and were as always bused in by the local Mullahs.

The JDL had a good turnout and a Kickass sound system which succeeded in drowning out the Al Quds screed.

I’ll post more pics as the night wears on, I have to sift through my film.

One thing is certain there were more people at the demo than there were attending Panamania at City Hall, so there’s that.

They’re gonna have to get new signs. Sun News????

Behind the times

I’m tryin to figure this out. It’s a T-shirt with a Star of David on it. I get that.

Is she selling it? Is it a scarecrow? I just don’t know.

WTF T Shirt

Signs for kids, gotta teach em to hate while they’re young.

Signs for kids

Really a dead kid every 60 hours? Well I guess we’ll have to take them at their word.

Muslims signs that lie

The JDL had the best signs by far

JDL best signs

Happy Al Quds Day!

Happy Al Quds

And another one…

Happy Al Quds Day

  • marty_p

    Attendance on our side was down from last year. Oddest sight were the Jew’s for Jesus who had a meeting point just north of Dundas on University where they all turned their green J for J T-shirts inside out to hide the J for J text.

    Poor Meir I don’t know how he could stand the heat in his suit and tie.

    As the rally started moving north on University – one on our side got into a shouting match with a rather dark skinned individual … the Israeli (judging by his accent) suggested that the dark skinned fellow should stop worrying about the Pali’s since he obviously wasn’t a Palestinian and should worry more about Guyana where he came from.

    There was also a heated discussion across the barricade when it was suggested that one individual with a checkered kerchief around his neck preferred goats and sheep to women.

    • I saw a few heated exchanges as the march progressed up University, but will need to check out the audio on my footage when I get to those segments to see if I captured anything Juicy.

      I wonder if Pan-Am Traffic scared of both sides this year?

      • k1992

        For the muslims, maybe the fact that it fell during ramadan and they didn’t want to have to drink water and break their precious “fast”?

      • Jon Hammond7

        I think Pan-Am traffic congestion was a big factor this year.

        So, despite NOW Magazine portraying Al-Quds day as one of its top three “can’t-miss” events this weekend, Al-Quds had much lower attendance than usual.

        That should be the next protest; at NOW Magazine’s headquarters in Toronto since they promoted an Islamic Nazi event not unlike a magazine promoting a neo-Nazi skinhead or Ku Klux Klan event. They need to be publicly shamed for their colossal stupidity and dhimmitude.

  • roccolore

    Maybe the pro-jihadist side wasn’t paying people enough to protest this year.

    • Maybe the men are in Iraq;)

      • Hannita

        Lol 🙂

    • Observer

      They are waiting for Obama and Kerry to free up billions of dollars for Iran and end the sanctions.

      Then Iran will have lots of money for all their protestors and terrorists throughout the World.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        And they all lived happily ever after.
        The end.

  • truthdareisay

    I just thought the AC on the buses were broken so they said screw it – Not worth to scream out lies in this heat!

    • Hannita

      They’re hungry & thirsty…still fasting…Ramadamn….

    • They have crappy school buses, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Clausewitz

    The Progressives must be running out of money for their rent a protester programs. Pity.

    • Only a very few leftist idiots there today, all in all a very unimpressive event.

      • Jon Hammond7

        Yes, the Al-Quds Muslim barbarian turnout was much lower and there was not much of a Leftist presence this time either compared to last year’s Al-Quds hate-fest at Queen’s Park. Even the most recent anti-Israel hate-fest across from the Israeli Consulate a number of months ago had much lower attendance than the previous one (less than 100 Muslims compared to a couple thousand the previous time).

  • Maggat

    You guys have so much fun. We never get anything like that out here in the sticks on Vancouver Island. I envy you.

    • Be careful what you wish for.

    • lolwut?

      Watch out, they might just build a Mosque in Tofino.
      Lot’s of sand on Long Beach, they’ll feel right at home.

  • Jon Hammond7

    Dang, my “CSIS IS WATCHING!!!” sign looked pretty snappy, n’est pas? Thanks for photographing it, Blazingcatfur. I noticed that lots of Muslim barbarians (sorry, I meant to say “savages”, sorry, I meant to say “Islamo-fascist pigs”) were paying close attention to my CSIS warning.

    I also assured them on a number of their Al-Quds – Toronto Facebook pages that not only CSIS, but also Bill C-51 might come crashing down on their heads for their support of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian regime, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. It may seem like a hollow threat to many, but it was still fun to toy with their poorly developed misshapen minds.

    Anyway, Blazingcatfur, it was great to see you present at Al-Quds documenting everything going on (although I regret not having had a chance this time to chat with you).

    Best regards,

    • lolwut?

      CSIS loves me, yes I know
      Cause Big Brother tells me so.

      Came up with that back in the 90’s when they checking up on me
      one of the guys at CSIS could barely hold back a smirk
      when I sang it to them once..

    • Glad we had fun.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘I am not sure how to account for the steep decline in numbers.’

    More specifically, the last weekend in Ramadan.

    Daylight fasting + get-togethers, if I had to guess the reason for the low turnout of Mohomeddans.