The myth that all “sex offenders” are created equal has warped our justice system

I just watched Dawg Fight, a documentary about backyard fighting in Florida ghettos. This “league” encourages young African American men to settle their fights in the ring rather than through drive by shootings. And they can make money doing it, just like “real” boxers and MLA fighters.

  • bob e

    good stuff ..

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He’s got a point!
    All of Gavin’s examples are great examples.

    In the past, when judges HAD the discretion to hand out lighter sentences and heavier sentences based upon the unique facts of the particular case, they make such a hash of the system that repeat sexual predators were getting insanely light sentences right up until the times that they killed. Then everyone would sit around and ask: “what the hell is wrong with a legal system that could allow such a thing to happen?”
    Then we came up with manditory sentencing guidelines that removed allmost all judicial discretion.
    Then we get instances such as these.

    I’m not sure what the answer is other than having judicial sentencing committees review (made up not only of professional legal types but also citizens like on a grand jury) and amend sentences as a matter of due course in the sentencing process.

    Some judges just have bad judgement while others are so jaded after seeing so much of the worst of the worst that anything less than canabalism seems not that bad. I think regular people involved in the process would would bring back some sanity to the prison sentences handed down.

    • Brett_McS

      Term limits for judges would probably help.

  • Tinguen91

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