The astonishing FIFTY-FOUR countries and groups battling ISIS… so why haven’t they been crushed already?

An international coalition of over 30 countries and at least a dozen more rebel and terror factions have been unable to prevent the rapid growth of ISIS.

The terror group has expanded its territory, recruited ‘thousands’ of new foreign fighters and brought new jihadi organisations under its wing since an international ‘task force’ to ‘eliminate’ ISIS in October 2014.

At least 42 nations have either carried out airstrikes on ISIS, trained troops and Middle-Eastern tribesman to do battle against it or given weapons to those who are.

Meanwhile, at least a dozen rival Islamist groups are waging bloody war with ISIS on the ground – and for the hearts and minds of Muslims online.


Really, who are we serving by taking part in this charade?

  • CodexCoder

    The first problem is the rules of engagement and the second problem is identifying the enemy. Given the propensity of ISIS warriors to hide amongst the population without having proper uniforms, it makes it very difficult to determine who to kill which complicates the rules of engagement. And unless the coalition forces decide to kill civilians as well in order to root out the militia, wholesale slaughter like the Romans did to Carthage, you can’t make ROEs tight enough to solve the problem. And none of the coalition members have the intestinal fortitude for that idea. It would solve the problem, but it takes an act of will.

    And that is why the actions of ISIS will continue unabated because they don’t share western civilization’s delicate constitution. They have been given a mandate by Allah and they are going to carry it out. The most committed wins.

    • simus1

      With the exception(?) of iranian sorties against isis, Emperor Barry controls which targets are struck from the air, by whom, and when. That must be worth at least the equivalent value of two entire divisions fighting full time for isis.

    • occupant 9

      … and we continue to import thousands of their fighters every month; hundreds of thousands per year.

      Our first ROE is our immigration policy … and the Harper gov’t is accelerating extended family reunification of the very same folks sharing the same ideology of excessive, indulgent hate called Islam.

    • Zaba

      the actions of ISIS will continue unabated because….
      islam has NO Ethics, NO Golden Rule

  • David Murrell

    Recall World War II, in early 1945, when Germany and Japan were on the ropes. Well, a whole slew of South America countries — mostly tin pot dictatorships — declared war on the Axis powers during the last months of the war. Needless to say, these countries did nothing to help the war effort, but were around for post-war discussions. The situation today is akin to that period years ago.

    • Zaba

      Right after we ID the enemy……

  • You don’t stop a poisonous, pathological, ideology like Islam with only bombs.

    If ISIS is ever “defeated” on the battlefield, the survivors will regroup as some other terror organization.

    We will continuously play “Islamic whack-a-mole” with new organizations forming as fast as we deal with old ones.

    Core Islamic theology needs to be identified as the cause of the problem. And then a program started to de-program the brainwashed followers of the cult of Islam.

    Deal with the real problem, or it will never go away. And Islamic theology is the real problem.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The key reason is that dictatorships can’t get ‘the people’ to fight them or even themselves. They don’t care if they live or die anymore. That’s what dictatorships do.

  • Observer

    Because they forgot to cauterize the bleeding wounds


  • DMB

    These 30 countries battling ISIS are likely giving them the “white glove treatment” meaning they are using outdated rules set by the Geneva convention that stipulates the treatment and rules in engaging in war as well as treatment of prisoners. ISIS on the other hand has no rules. They are absolutely ruthless, brutal, bloody which the civilized world is not at this time capable of dealing with. If we are ever to win a war with them we must not show them any compassion or mercy. Take no prisoners, they are no more human than a virus and a virus must be purged.

  • Tokenn

    Two words: Tactical nukes. Yeah, that’s extreme, but at what point do we stop screwing around? Never happen? When does ISIS stop? When they retake Spain and invade Eastern Europe? How much will they have to destroy before they are seen as being as big a threat as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I notice in this listing that Israel is the elephant in the room. Former defense minister Ehud Barak says that the IDF can crush ISIS in two days. However, Israel hasn’t intervened because with the exception of the Kurds, all of the other parties in Syria are bad actors and to link up with the Kurds on the ground would require an extensive advance across territories that might be hostile. Does Israel secretly supply the Kurds with weapons or ammunition? I wouldn’t be surprised.