TDSB director accused of ‘destructive attacks’ to muzzle critics

Donna Quan, the director of education for the Toronto District School Board, has participated in “destructive attacks” against trustees who have criticized her in an effort to silence their legitimate questions about the way taxpayers’ money is spent, says an investigator appointed to review the board.

It has been more than six months since education specialist Margaret Wilson chronicled dysfunction and a “culture of fear” at Canada’s largest school board – prompting the government to set up a panel of civic leaders and former trustees to examine whether governance problems at the board are rooted in its size.

Although her mandate has ended, Ms. Wilson has gone further, explaining in interviews with The Globe and Mail her conclusions about Ms. Quan’s leadership from her two-month probe: “It’s rule by fear. You pick people off, one by one, which is what classic bullies do.”

The TDSB is a cesspit.  The TDSB sic’d the Cops on yours truly in what can only be described as an effort to silence my exposure of their twisted culture.

  • David Murrell

    The TDSB sic’d the Toronto police on Mr. Cat. And the linked article above says the following:

    “Throughout 2014, Mr. Goodman had doggedly questioned Ms. Quan about a forensic audit that highlighted questionable payments, only to find himself suddenly silenced. In November of that year, he was charged with forcible confinement and harassment after Ms. Quan told Toronto police he trapped her in an office. The Crown dropped the charges last month, but they effectively sidelined Mr. Goodman”.

    So one wonders if the notorious Bill Blair had anything to do with the above police bullying. One wonders. And now the highly-politicized, pro-corruption, former police chief is running for the federal Liberals. Yecch.

    • The TDSB is a corrupt shithole run by liars and thieves.

      • Chris

        It’s even worse than that, it’s run by true believing activists who think the ends do justify the means.

  • Jason

    They’ve made a mistake in going after you in this way: it will just bring more (unwanted) attention to the corruption in the TDSB. Might open a few people’s eyes.

  • tom_billesley
  • Edubeat

    Well u know guys the PeelDSB just launched a civil libel suit against LifeSite mag. for daring to show two of its teachers indoctrinating 4/5 year old kids about gay marriage. There is more than one corrupt cesspool in the GTA.

    • Clausewitz

      Yep. The number of idiots rising through the ranks into the confines of the Palace on Hurontario amazes me.