Religious Pluralism is a Strategic Problem for Israel

When Israel’s current government was formed this spring after the March Knesset elections, there were a number of clear winners and losers in terms of the country’s political rivals. But one of the big losers from the reshuffling of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet was the overwhelming majority of American Jews who do not identify with Orthodox Jewry. Since then, a number of incidents have occurred in which government officials have made statements that have further alienated the many Diaspora Jews who bitterly resent the way their denominations are treated as non-Jewish religions rather than equal partners in the Jewish future. To date, Netanyahu, like his predecessors in both Likud and Labor, have tried to mollify American Jews with conciliatory statements. But after the latest such insult, it is clearly time for him to do more. Israelis on the left and the right, secular as well as religious need to come to grips with the fact that attacks on pluralism are more than an annoying public relations problem.

They constitute a strategic problem for the Jewish state that needs to be addressed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Israel’s reform Jewish population is maybe 1%. Israel doesn’t need to worry about them and they certainly don’t need to worry about the reform Jews in the US who already hate them and always will.

  • African

    Israel should drop Western-promoted ideas such as ” religious pluralism” and “diversity” that is if they want remain to be the Jewish State.

  • cmh

    there’s so many muslims living there that it really doesn’t matter….Israel is finished, as a matter of fact it never really got started as evidenced by the mosque in the middle of the Temple Mount.