Poll shows Justin Trudeau’s Liberals slipping further behind

The federal Liberals are now trailing in third place behind the NDP and Conservatives who are tied for the lead in voter support, according to a new Forum Research poll.

The latest results, taken from a random sampling of 1,200 Canadian voters show the Conservatives and New Democrats tied at 32 per cent support each.

About one-quarter would vote Liberal (26 per cent) if a federal election was held today, the poll suggests.

If these results are projected onto a 338-seat House of Commons, the Conservatives would seize a minority government of 155 seats, 15 short of a majority, according to Forum.


Justin Trudeau Prays To Mohammedan Moon God For Assistance

  • Jay Currie

    Time to swivel the cannons and sink Mulcair. Or, more accurately, scare the piss out of righty Liberals – there are still more than a few – while lobbing shells in Mulcairs direction.

    Trudeau’s trend line is pretty much set, the debates will finish him off. But you don’t want him below 27-30 points lest the Big Orange Machine begins to win two way races.

    • I think Notley will be a big assist.

      • andycanuck

        Except their legislature isn’t sitting now so they can’t really start screwing things up yet, like Rae did to us, in time for the October election.

      • Clausewitz

        I thought you were being sarcastic.. 😎

    • andycanuck

      Going after practicing-Christian Liberals over abortion and the gays to at least get them to stay home is a good idea IMHO too. And, yes, I would now change the campaign focus to Mulcair for this summer season.

      And on a different note, I can’t see anyone who voted CPC four years ago having changed their mind since. It’s not the States where the RINOs and GOPe have massively sold out their conservative base.

    • I think, at least partly, his opposition to Canadian action against ISIS sunk him. Yes, his followers are twits but the undecided voters are repulsed by ISIS enough to know that any neutrality is morally and politically wrong.

      Just my thoughts.

      • Alain

        A good campaign would keep the light on both the Liberals and NDP in this regard.

        • Exile1981

          Or show Mulcair’s anti-Jewish comments and compare them to the similar comments made by Isis.

          • andycanuck

            That might get Mulcair votes in Quebec although I suppose the BQ feeling the same way will still split their vote.

        • It should. Trudeau’s stance wasn’t just appalling; it was stupid.

  • simus1

    Shiny Pony can console himself with space time theories that with infinite numbers of parallel universes out there, there must be at least a handful where he will become prime minister for at least several weeks before a huge asteroid or something similar erases earth.

  • DMB

    And to think the Liberal party choose Justin Trudeau a part time drama school teacher over former Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau for leader. Serves them right!

    • DVult

      One went to space. One has plenty of empty space between the ears.

      • DMB
        • DVult

          Nonsense delivered with a large smarter than thou grin.

        • Clink9

          Yes, very basic stuff that space and time thing JT.

        • My God he is pathetic.

      • Alain

        Sorry but I see both pretty much as “space cadets”, just that one more than the other.

        • DVult

          I never heard Garneau speak.

          • Alain

            I did on SNN when he was in the running for Liberal leader, and his take on issues was far from impressing. His only claim to fame is having hitched a ride on an American space shuttle. I grant that is still more than the man-child as substitute drama teacher.

          • Shebel

            He is almost as dynamic and charismatic as Harper.

  • Helios Megistos
    • This will be another conservative victory. The pollsters are never right anymore.

  • Minicapt

    I wonder how hard the pollsters had to work to maintain the tie between Tories and Dippers.


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I ignore anything by Frank Graves.
      Can’t stand him.

  • Edubeat

    Hair today, Gone tomorrow

  • Canadian

    Still not enough beheaders to ensure his election?

    • He’s prayin for more to help him enslave infidel Canada.

      • Canadian

        Not enough time. He`ll have to wait until Mulchair takes power and sends for more.

  • Gary

    How telling for Justin’s hollow words for supporting Human Rights and equality.
    The women are at the back of the mosque while he is also in a pro-sharia radical mosque that condones ISIS tossing gays from roof tops to please allah.

    Right after this photo-op , he flew from BC to Quebec for a PRIDE parade event to tell them he defends gays rights, he must have also went to some lesbian event to tell them he defends women’s rights too.
    The only stop Justin missed was a NAMBLA meeting to claim he defended their rights for adult2child romances and then head off to a Children’s Aids groups to tell them he defends children’s rights.

    Anything for a vote.

  • marty_p

    My son emailed me that Justin came to his off campus student building in Waterloo on Canada Day The weasels got all the students down to the lobby for a photo op by advertising “Free Canada Day Pizza Party in the Lobby 4pm” When all the students arrived, lo and behold Justin “air head” was there for a meet and greet photo OP.


  • Not_Crazy

    Maybe we can dig up dirt on Mulcair…