Moderate Muslim Claims Jews Use World Cup To Mask Plans For World Domination – Sues Montreal Mayor For Calling Him Radical

Scaramouche has the details.

Personally I believe he has a solid case.

You may think his views on Jews a touch odd but frankly that sort of thing is part and parcel of Muslim culture and common as dirt as the saying goes, he’s no radical in fact he’s “seriously normal” by Muslim standards.

Islam’s embedded sense of perpetual victimhood and hatred of Jews, Christians and all things good has created a paranoid cult and Hamza Chaoui is just your run of the mill everyday Muslim.

Thank your government for inviting these crazy-assed cultists to settle here.


  • John

    It’d kinda be a step up were Canada to eschew Muslim immigrants in favour of a million psychopaths.
    There are many more Muslims like Chaoui who, were they to ever be assessed by health-care proffessionals, would be declared mentally ill.
    Chaoui, like many other of his co-religionists is unhinged, detached from reality, and in need of a robust and sustained de-programming

    • Our government turned on its own citizens by unleashing Islam on Canada.

      • John

        Yes, and last fall in Ottawa we saw the opening salvo of Islam turning on our gov’t.
        When you import these psychos shit is bound to happen.

      • Xavier

        There’s only one way to cleanse a diseased herd.

  • Waffle

    The suit against the mayor is just another example of lawfare. I guess they figure if they initiate enough of these cases, at least one of them will stick. I’m no fan of Coderre but I hope he fights back and gets it thrown out of court and gets awarded costs for his trouble.

    • Minicapt

      The Mayor should cede the suit on the grounds that the Imam is not radical but main-stream, and publish a thorough explanation using the various quotes from PdB and others, to illustrate the Imam’s orthodoxy. And then offer a gift card from PFK as compensation.


  • David Murrell

    Yes but CBC News has sanitized the greatly-admired Hamza Chaoui in their take of the situation:

    The article carefully omits any references to the good man’s Jew-hatred. The CBC does mention, towards the end of their piece, that the good Chaoui professes a tad reactionary views on women, just a tad.

  • “Islam’s embedded sense of perpetual victimhood has created a paranoid cult and Hamza Chaoui is just your run of the mill everyday Muslim.”

    That is it.

  • Bernie

    Take it to Court and expose the Islamic BS. If Candians do not find a way to stop this Islamic BS we will be destroyed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’re just not controlling all media well enough.

  • cmh

    This dud doesn’t make enough money to be able to fund a litigation such as this. We can assume that it will be funded by the Canadian Islamic society whose funding is ultimately coming from an oil rich Islamic country. Pam calls this ‘litigation jihad’.

  • Jay Currie

    Hey, found the replacement to send in for that Montreal fellow killed in Tirkit.

  • JoKeR
  • ontario john

    I blame global warming, and of course Harper and his evil Harperites.