Many More Victims of the Immigration Crisis Than Kate Steinle

The term “sanctuary” conjures up a place of safety and comfort and, indeed, in some dictionaries, those two terms are used to describe sanctuaries. Therefore pairing the two terms, “violent” and “sanctuary” in the same title may seem to constitute a contradiction in terms. As you will soon see, in this era of political corruption and intentional ineptitude, those two terms actually fit perfectly together.

  • mauser 98

    ClintonNewsNetwork and the immigration problem …go back to sleep
    ‘Calderon’:He said he was fighting drug trafficking. Six and a half years later, at
    least 130,000 Mexicans have been murdered and another 27,000 have
    officially disappeared. The killings increased steadily during
    Calderón’s term, averaging 56 people per day”

  • Gary

    In 1994 an Illegal from Jamaica was freely walking around a well know Government housing area as part of a known group of drug dealers and thugs that our White Politicians refused to get tough on and risk losing votes from Blacks in the area.
    Clinton Gayle was deported several times and yet the Progressives and pro-refugee groups at the Welfare Industrial Complex public trough need a quarry of illegals to avoid getting real jobs and keep defending illegals as we now see Olivia Chow doing.
    Todd Baylis was the Police Officer on foot patrol trying to keep the Black area safe when Clinton Gayle chose to murder the Cop by shooting him .

    Keep in mind the Wynne, Chow , David Miller, Joe Mihevic , the NDP , and Public sector Unions plus the School system support the Sanctuary City mind set ,
    and just watch how fast they wash their hands of the murders we will see in Toronto or the rapes to women once they become the norm in the Media ( that’s IF the cbc and STAR report them) .

    Today, the Federal Liberals now cater to that homophobic misogynistic Whahhabi Sunni muslims and even have that dolt Senator Grant Mitchell that denies the hate in the quran as propaganda spewed by islamophobic bigots because islam is a religion of peace .
    Senator Mitchell claims that 99.9% of the 1.8 billion muslims are Earth are hard working peaceful people that pay taxes and raise their kids that same way Canadians do. Mitchell has yet to produce the List of those islamic nations or muslims societies where those 99.9% peaceful ones live.

    Now that the Toronto police have recruited from the Pro-Sharia homophobic misogynistic islamic population to meet Diversity quotas , I do NOT fully trust the Police to enforce Canada’s laws that protect women from domestic abuse and rape in general when the pro-sharia Officers are linked to the 9-1-1 calls or know of any muslim rape-gangs or quran inspired pedophilia to emulate their prophet.
    Look how the weasels in the UK were so loyal to their Pay Cheques that they all aided in covering up the 1000+ White non-muslim girls that were the victims of MUSLIM rape-gangs , this include the Police and Social workers that did NOT lose their jobs and will NOT do 1 day in a jail.

    I keep pointing out that under Wynne’s Liberals the Police are not being forced to apply the Federal Laws that protect children from perverts in public that enjoy their frontal nudity around children as we see in the PRIDE parade , the photo below proves that the POLICE-PRIDE wing on Duty that day find child-abuse and quasi-pedophilia very normal as they too are loyal to the $90,000.00 a year and are ” Just following orders ” from the Chief or Attr General .
    Would it be any more of a leap to have Pro-sharia Officers refusing to obey Canada’s laws and crack down on their people that are raping under age white girls or the wife-beating when the spouse offends allah.
    Even the Schools rarely call the Police first when a Teacher rapes a students or has sex with an under age one, this from the same school embracing Ben Levin’s homoerotic sex-ed guide .