Iran blames ‘excessive’ and ‘changing’ Western demands for missed nuclear deal deadline

Iran has blamed the “excessive demands” and changing positions of Western countries for the latest missed deadline in marathon nuclear deal talks in Vienna.

The criticism came on Thursday night, hours before a deadline to present a deal to the US Congress was missed. That latest missed deadline doubles the time for US Congress to review the accord – if it can be reached – to a potentially more problematic 60 days.


No worries Obama will cave.

  • Jay Currie

    Times of Israel is reporting that after Kerry stripped to his skivvies, promised no surprise inspections and yelled “Death to America” the Iranians just may sign a deal next week.

    The good news is that the US Congress has sixty days to find a collective spine and tell Obama he actually can’t sell the US, Europe, Israel, Saudi and the rest of the Middle East down the river. Americans, by and large, don’t trust Iran and Obama has zero political capital when it comes to foreign policy. This deal is sinkable.

  • Or they have no intention of dismantling their nuclear program.

    Obama helmed this.

  • Clausewitz

    There was never going to be a deal. The main question now is will Obama reinstate the sanctions against Iran? Personally I think the Muslim in Chief will bury that question faster than Hillary buried the rape victims from hubby.

  • Xavier

    Tonight’s newspaper says Kerry threatened to walk out of the talks. Well sure, that seems perfectly plausible, don’t you think?

  • Minicapt

    The Iranian negotiators lie like Persian rugs. This is coupled to their propensity to introduce irrational and irrelevant demands prior to decision-making stages in the talks. If they came to Canada, they’d be immediately hired as union ‘negotiators’.
    And they don’t wear ties.