Assessing the Threat of Radical Islam

From the Islamic State and al-Qaeda to the Islamic Republic of Iran and all their various affiliates — how dangerous is radical Islam to the West? There have been a number of posts on Ricochet that have touched on this subject. Paddy Siochain asked whether European democratic socialism can muster the will to fight for its own survival. In response, Majestyk argued that secular humanism — which he seems to define as scientific progress or rationalism — is so advanced in the West that Europe doesn’t need a will to fight because the barbarian, low IQ members of al-Qaeda, ISIL, and others can never really threaten us. This view was echoed in a comment by Jim Kearney, where he suggested that a will to fight is unnecessary, as we’ll soon have such advanced remotely-controlled or robotic weapons that we’ll never have to engage the Islamic radical man-to-man again. Though he admits that, in limited situations, there may be a need for actual human soldiers, I assume that he believes the Western cultures will be able to maintain a small warrior class of special forces operators who can carry out such limited actions.

This is a good read.

  • Alain

    There they go again with the most outrageous lie of “radical” Islam and “radical” Muslims. Let’s be honest for once and just drop the adjective for Islam, because what is being called “radical” Islam is pure Islam, nothing more, nothing less. The so-called radical Muslims are simply devout Muslims following all the tenets of Islam as opposed to a very few, and they are considered apostates by devout Muslims.

  • Everyone Else

    There’s the ideology and the demography.

    The ideology can be combatted when (A) invaded countries admit the mess they are in, and (B) start talking to each other. The Canadian Senate report on terrorism would be a good starting point for discussions with India, Israel, Russia, Nigeria, etc. The problem every democratic country has is that policy usually has to pay off in the election cycle, and Islam is playing a long game. When this gets accepted and sorted out, some kind of progress may be made.

    The demography, (A) Muslim migration and (B) Muslim birth rate is a whole nother kettle of fish. Until that’s figured out the problem is only going to go to sleep for a while and wake up even bigger.

    • Very true our politicians will happily lead us to slaughter for a vote today.

      All the Muslim terror states will have to be pulverized eventually and no Muslim state can ever be considered an ally.

  • Doug Kursk

    White Canadian males are now the Praetorian Guard/armed forces in multiculti Canada.

  • Tinguen91

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