Alleged “Canadian” Muslim charged with counselling to commit murder for the benefit of a terrorist group

The RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team has arrested a 33-year-old man from Fort St. John and charged him for committing terrorism offences.

Othman Ayed Hamdan is being held in custody and will appear in court shortly, said the RCMP in a statement.

Hamdan is charged with counselling to commit murder for the benefit of a terrorist group; counselling to assault causing bodily harm for the benefit of a terrorist group; and counselling to commit aggravated assault for the benefit of a terrorist group.

RCMP began investigating Hamdan in October 2014 and found he was posting pro-ISIS propaganda online, including instructions to kill people in the name of Jihad.

h/t Dag

  • Alain

    The benefits of an open door policy for Muslim invaders just never cease.

    • Yup and they are spread throughout the nation even into the hinterlands.

      • dagawker

        Only muslims who love territorial dominance would attempt to build a mosque in Inuit land. They will send them there to do their Moderate islam/Jihad.

      • ntt1

        indeed they are. Fort st John??? and the government will do all it can to assist in building muslim armouries or mosques as some still call them.

  • lolwut?

    May Police be upon him.

  • pike bishop

    Ft. St. John BC has changed a lot over the last 40 years that’s for sure.

    • ntt1

      there has be a bit of a gas boom now shrinking back to normal but it is just a little bit bigger in population apart from that it is pretty much the same .

      • pike bishop

        Good to hear. I always liked working around there.

        • ntt1

          it is still hard to find decent accommodation if you don’t have a shine for rotting single wides

          • pike bishop

            Is the Condill Hotel still there?

          • ntt1

            don’t remember it but I have only visited a few times mostly to see my nephew and family.

  • k1962

    Whenever I see those words with that picture, I know it’s going to be a bad news story.

  • Gary

    Meanwhile the RCMP are friends with the radical Mosques and do outreach by playing basket ball with the youth as part of turning them away from the quranic calls to do jihad for allah Global caliphate.

    Poor RCMP and CSIS, they have a creek running across their land that suddenly became polluted with a dangerous toxin, so they now spend $$$million trying to clean the water instead of going up stream to see that an Orchard ( islam) with trees ( mosques) that produce toxic fruit is the problem .

    Currently , there is a make-work project to clean the water which keeps the Politicians happy to avoid that truth that the Orchard should be cut down and torched to stop any more deaths by the people eating that fruit that trusted the farmers that it was an Orchard Of Peace and health .

  • Tinguen91

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